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What makes us different?

Australian Owned, Made and Tested

Greal® is 100% Australian owned and proudly Made in Australia. Our local Australian production is one of our core values.

Tested in Australian Laboratories

All of our testing from raw ingredients to ongoing product stability is conducted in local cGMP/TGA compliant laboratories.

Formulated for Health Practitioners

We have you in mind - from quality, synergy and dosage to ensuring each product comes with the commensurate advice.

Medical Grade Glass

Our premium bottles are manufactured to medical grade standard by a company that has been in existence for 270 years. These meet strict US & European Pharmacopoeia, and British Standard BS1679 (Containers for Pharmaceutical Dispensing). Unlike plastic, these are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, do not degrade over time and do not contaminate. They also protect against UV light and eliminate the need for preservatives, while remaining infinitely recyclable.